Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time with Great-Grammie

This past week Mum has come with me to Sara's place while I look after the three kids. She's managing all right for the most part, in spite of frequently forgetting the kids' names and repeatedly telling Charlie that she has a boy's name. Here are some pictures from our week.

Mum occupied the kids, or they occupied her for nearly an hour the other day throwing the ball up and down the slide. Charlie sure looks like she's having a good time.

Charlie, Mum and Max on our walk this afternoon. I'm ahead of them with Eloise in the stroller.

Mum reading a book to Eloise - a frustrating exercise since Ellie just wants to turn the pages and Mum thinks she should be listening to every word she reads. It's a wonder they interact as well as they do given the 87 year age difference!.

Mum walking with Max across some stranger's lawn.

Mum playing with Max. They had a really good time together. Max is a very lovable and loving little boy.

Grandkids at the Wedding

Eloise (9 months), the baby flowergirl. She was carried down the aisle by her dad who was one of the groomsmen.

Charlie (4), followed by Brooklyn (4) dropping their flower petals as they walk down the aisle.

Our oldest grandchild, Jonah Quist (11), was one of the ushers.

Jonah's brother, Sam (9) was also an usher.

Max (3) was not officially in the wedding party but when he saw all the girls getting dressed in their red outfits, he insisted on wearing his Dracula costume. Luckily it was a classy one with a satin band down the side of each leg, a red tie and white vest and matched the colors of the wedding party. Unfortunately Max felt the outfit wasn't complete without the cape. Partway through the ceremony he walked down the aisle to stand with his mother, who was one of the bridesmaids.

Kenzie (5) and Sydney (3) sitting quietly during the ceremony.

Max, just before he walked down the aisle.

Flower girls Sydney (3) and Brooklyn (4).

It's always risky having kids involved in a wedding, but we were lucky - they were all very well behaved and added a lovely measure of 'cute' to the proceedings.