Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lloyd's Wheels

Now normally I wouldn't bother blogging about something as mundane as a car but Lloyd asked me so nicely to blog about his latest acquisition what choice did I have??? He's so cute when he begs!

When he was down here a month or so ago he found a car deal he couldn't resist. He had been wanting a cool car for us to drive while we're down here in the sunny south - the van just wasn't cool enough! After searching for a couple of days he found a 1992 one-owner white Buick Roadmaster Limited.

As well as having all the bells and whistles available to luxury cars in 1992, this beauty has just 48,000 miles on it. So he figured it was the perfect "senior's" car, since that's who owned it in the first place. We spent time this week cruising in it - I felt like Miss Daisy being driven around.

I must admit he made a good choice - it drives like a dream and the automatic seats have three lumbar support controls for those of us whose backs are starting to wear out.

Another good reason for us to come down as often as possible.