Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work and Play

After a busy day of shopping Wendy, Mickey and I could hardly wait to get home for our daily swim. I had turned the heat on in the pool early in the day so expected the water to be a comfortable balmy swimming temperature. Unfortunately, the heater wasn't turned on properly so it was a tad cold - quite very cold in fact. But being strong northern women who don't need heated bathtub water to swim in, we bravely and enthusiastically (mostly) dove into the water anyway. After all, the air temperature was in the high 70sF, hot summer weather in Edmonton and Winnipeg!

And here's proof of our strength and courage!

...as opposed to Randy's not so toughness and courage ;) And yes, I'm splashing him in an effort to enourage him to join us in the pool.

This was as far as he would come. I call this picture "the babes and the chicken". (Randy is used to my teasing and is very good natured, in case you think I'm injuring his sensibilities)

So we let him go back to washing windows while we frolicked in the sun !!!

Actually he's the type who needs to be kept busy, and since our windows haven't been cleaned since we bought the house last spring, he was pleased to volunteer to do them. What a guy! Thanks Randy.