Monday, September 21, 2009

Mickey the Mouser

I guess this is a sequel to Sara's blog entry from yesterday when she introduced us to Mickey's newfound skill. I've chronicled the young cat's hunting prowess over the summer, starting with moths, then graduating to grasshoppers and then dragonflies as prey. She's a very good hunter.

Yesterday she graduated to catching one of the mice that live under the back deck. Today she proved it was not a fluke by catching another mouse. This time she brought it into the house.

We are such city dwellers. When Sara screamed that the cat brought a live mouse into the house, I jumped up on a chair in the kitchen, while Sara and Charlie perched on the livingroom furniture. As soon as the initial scare wore off I grabbed my camera and went to document the action.

Percy was very interested in the whole thing but whenever he got near Mickey, deep low growls came from Mickey's throat. She was very possessive of her prize and didn't want Percy anywhere near it.

She played with the poor creature until it could no longer move.

and she guarded it

She even wrapped it up in a towel. In the end, she picked it up and carried it back outside where she played with it some more before dropping it in a space between the patio doors and the deck floor where it disappeared from sight. I hope that's all we see of mice over there now.