Monday, August 24, 2009

Christina Lake, BC

After a lateish start this morning Lloyd and I enjoyed a peaceful drive from Lethbridge through the mountains to Grand Forks, BC. Tomorrow we'll finish the drive to Osoyoos to visit Mary, Greg and kids.

Driving through the mountains is always an adventure. I drove for the first 4 hours and quite enjoyed the changing sights. It's really a beautiful drive, although some of the roads seem to be carved out of avalanche spillways. There are many beautiful lakes through the mountains, some with the most amazing turquoise colored water. Some of the little towns we drove through look like they'd be inhabited by hippies from the 60's - there were art shops, soap shops, bead shops, paper making shops - everything artsy and creative and very little else.

We stopped to take pictures at a viewpoint above Christina Lake. This handsome guy was standing by the sign so I had to take his picture :)

When I figured out how to set the timer on my camera I took this picture of Lloyd and me relaxing at the rest stop above the lake.

This is the lake - the warmest tree lined lake in Canada, according to the sign. It seemed like a very peaceful, restful place.

We drove another hour down the road to Grand Forks and stopped for the night. Tomorrow we'll drive for an hour and a half to get to Osoyoos.