Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We're sitting here watching Little Miss Sunshine after a busy day spent outdoors in the hot Arizona sun. It's been fun.

We have Lloyd's niece, Beth and nephew Mark, here with us now enjoying a week of R&R.

We spent the morning on the golf course - it was Beth's first time playing golf, but Mark is one of Lloyd's regular golfing buddies. I, of course, golf only when I'm coerced into it. We played best ball so it was fun and fast.

Lloyd gave Beth a few pointers in stance, stroke, and hitting the ball before we started our round. She's a quick learner.

Mark let her drive their golf cart sometimes, which added to her enjoyment of the game. Lloyd and I were in the other cart just ahead of them.

Beth and I left after nine holes and went to the Paradise Cafe for lunch while the men played another 18 holes, with a lot more competition and drive than when we girls were playing.

Beth and I wasted no time getting into the pool when we got home. It was soooo nice. It was a hot day and the water was warm and buoyant.

We were soon joined by Beth and Mark's mother and stepfather, Cath and Clyde. Then Lloyd and Mark came home and joined us.

This is Clyde - he's a lot of fun - crazy and loving and fun to be around.

Our nephew, Mark. He was the last one in the pool, and after he was in for awhile the wind came up and chilled the air considerably and he didn't want to get out because he knew he'd be cold. Tough up Mark!

Cath and Clyde had fun clowning around in the pool. It's so nice to have them over - they have a place in Sun City but the're not always in town when we come down here.

We ended our day by going to Macayo's Mexican Kitchen for dinner - so good. Tomorrow will be another fun day.

This one's for you Mickey - prickly pear in bloom.