Saturday, June 20, 2009

Button, Button, I've Got the Buttons

I've always liked buttons and have always had a jar of them somewhere in my house. I was just following Mum's example I guess. She always had a jar of buttons. When Wendy and I were pre-schoolers Mum would let us play with her button. We'd line them up according to color and have a button parade...the white ones represented nurses, the brown were soldiers, blue were sailors and air force men (remember, this was in the early 1950's when WW2 was still fresh in our parent's minds)...and so on. The button leading the parade was a large white one with a scooped out center into which we would place a red button...for Santa Claus, of course. I don't think I ever encouraged my kids to play with buttons when they were small, but a couple of my granddaughters have made parades with mine.

Here is my button stash -

Isn't it beautiful, resting there in all its glory on my cutting mat on my scrapbook worktable. There is every color imaginable there.

...and all sizes, from the teeny-tiny ones that would be useless for anything except embellishing a scrapbook page, to the large 1.5 inch ones.

Some are full of sparkles - these are my sparklies

Others have pretty patterns in them. I love the dark blue one near the bottom.

And they come in all shapes as well - square, rectangle, stars, ovals, flowers, triangles, flower pots, swoosh, alphabets, hearts, and even an angel.

Some are two-holers, some are four-holers, and there are even a couple of one-holer buttons, as well as one with slashes instead of holes...whoever said buttons are boring???

They have myriad uses, not least of which is to embellish scrapbook pages, as I mentioned before. And lets not forget games - I don't think we ever went to a birthday party when we were kids where we didn't play 'button, button, who's got the button'.

And what about button sayings....'he really knows which buttons to push', 'she's just as cute as a button'.

But I just like how pretty they all look

sitting there in my crystal cookie jar.