Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festive Pretzel Rods

I decided to let a couple of the granddaughters try their hand at decorating pretzel rods today. I had never done it before so we were all learning by trial and error.

Charlie and Kenzie started out very serious, carefully painting their rods with melted white candy wafers.

They coated the melted candy with coconut, colored sprinkles, crushed candy canes and red sugar.

Elly had to try her hand at it too. She wants to be part of the big girls' fun. I gave her the broken pretzels and dipped them in the white for her and she had fun stirring up the sprinkles with them.

At times the girls were at cross purposes, with left-handed Kenzie reaching over right-handed Charlie in order to roll the pretzels in her choice of topping.

And Ellie just admired her own handiwork.

It was a bit challenging for the little girls to use both hands together - they weren't sure which hand to hold the pretzel in and which one to paint with. They soon figured it out though.

And were proud to show off their creations.

Elly ended up with as much candy and sprinkles on her face and hands as on her pretzel rods.

The girls got very giddy and giggly as they got more confident about what they were doing.

Just look at Elly's face - she feels very big and grown-up working with her big sister and cousin.

The finished product on display.