Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roommates Reunited

About 40 years ago six of us young single girls were close friends and roommates. Twice since I've been married we all got together again.

We weren't all roommates at the same time. It started out with Cheryl and me. Then Cheryl, Joyce and me. Cheryl and Joyce are sisters, and for the past 38 years have been my sisters-in-law because I had the great good fortune to marry their brother Lloyd.

Joyce moved out of our apartment to move in with her mother and Dorothy. Ann moved in with Cheryl and me.

Then I got married and left. Then Dorothy got married and left. So Cheryl, Joyce and their mother moved to a small house where they were joined by Karen, who has become an honorary member of our family. Then they all got married and set up their own homes. And life goes on.

Fast forward 38 years...Cheryl, Joyce and Karen, who all live in the same small town, came up to Edmonton for the May long weekend and we arranged to get together for brunch while they were here...Ann and I live in Edmonton and Dorothy lives just a few miles outside of town.

Here we are today...

Dorothy, Cheryl, Ann, Joyce, Karen

Joyce, Dorothy and Me

Ann, Cheryl and Karen
We had a fun time getting caught up with each other's lives. We went to Buffet Royale and spent three hours there relaxing, and eating and laughing. It's nice to have friends with history. Lloyd and I have moved around so much in our life together that it's really easy to lose touch with friends. It also helps that I'm married to the brother of two of them.
Maybe we'll get together again in a few years.