Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool Cats

Sara has two beautiful cats both about 8 months old. They're good friends with each other, at least Mickey tolerates Percy in her ladylike way. But they're as different as night and day.

They were intended to be indoor cats but right from the start Mickey, the dainty female, demonstrated...vocally...her need to be out in the fresh air and matter what the weather was like. Even in the sub-zero temperatures we've "enjoyed" this winter, Mickey would run from door to door crying to be let out. And she'd stay out for long stretches of time. One day she appeared on the frozen snow-covered deck with a frozen snow-covered mouse in her mouth. She never stops hunting.

Percy, on the other hand, likes nothing better than to lay in the sun as it reflects through the large living-room window, catching z-z-zs and perfecting his tan. He can be made to go out to keep Mickey company occasionally - very occasionally - and at such times he'll stay on the shovelled walk and not venture more than 2 feet from the shelter of the house. Although he's bigger than Mickey, he has yet to bring home a grasshopper, much less a mouse. Maybe it's his pure-bred Balinese blue point temperament, but he seems to live to be waited on and petted and made a fuss over.

See how angry he looks at having his precious little feet in the snow! What a wuss! But we don't mind. He loves to be pet and purrs his little heart out whenever he gets any attention. A purring cat can be forgiven anything.

They are our very sweet cool cats.