Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleepy Baby

Elly had a busy day today. She had to go to drive her Mom and siblings to the airport this morning and leave them there. Then she and her Grammie had to drive back home. Who can blame Elly for dozing off for 5 0r 10 minutes on the way home. She had a nice lunch with Grammie and played with the bunny and kitten for awhile before being put down for her nap.

The nap didn't take. After not sleeping for 20 minutes, she got up and resumed her playing. She was very low key, I think she was mostly missing her Mom and siblings. The house was too quiet.

At 5:15 she sat down to a dinner of her favorite noodles. I sat across the table from her reading my book. When I looked up, this is what I saw.

Poor baby just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. I picked her up from there and put her to bed. Her eyes didn't open once. I hope she sleeps all night for Quincey. He's not used to being in charge of sleeping babies. The monitor is on in his room though and I'm sure his daddy senses will kick in. I'll be over first thing in the morning to see how things went. And I'll make sure she has her regular nap tomorrow.