Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Jennifers - Together Again

These lovely young ladies first met in elementary school in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. In an era of too many Jennifers, these two friends shared both their first and middle names, Jennifer Lynn, but also their last initial - M. Theirs is a friendship that has lasted through the years in spite of not seeing one another for years at a time. Our family moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta three years after this picture was taken in 1986. (Our Jenny is the blonde)

They wrote to one another, phoned one another, and when it became possible they emailed and otherwise corresponded via today's modern technology. About a year after we moved west, our Jenny, who had worked and saved her money while attending high school, flew back to Nova Scotia to visit her friend Jenny. After that they didn't see one another until last year when our Jenn and her husband attended a conference in PEI and the girls arranged to get together back there. By then they had husbands and eight children between them. Lots of changes, but their friendship was just as strong as ever.

This year the Nova Scotia Jenn's husband gave her an airline ticket to Edmonton, Alberta for Christmas so she could come and visit our daughter in Alberta. What a guy! Trouble is, Alberta is not at its best in February. That didn't matter though. The girls were reunited and are enjoying one another's company for a week, and Muisifer (as we affectionately called her) is becoming reacquainted with Jenn's siblings who she hadn't seen in almost 20 years.

It's nice to see a friendship like that last so long over such a distance. Here they are now - not all that much changed in 20 years.