Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Randy Redeems Himself

OK. I took some razzing for daring to splash Randy and deride him for not being brave enough to get into the cold water with us, just because he's an extrodinary guy who does windows. Today, with Lloyd home from a quick trip to Edmonton, he redeemed himself by cannonballing into the pool.

Here's the big launch, complete with nose holding! Randy's on the left, Lloyd on the right.

The take off - both brave men are airborne.

Not much of a cannonball jump, but they're both in the water!

With twin splashes to prove it. Our men....aren't they daring

Oh, did I mention that the water temperature today was 85F. It was like swimming in a bathtub!

The boys got the giant turtle back in the pool

and Randy thought he'd make a nice sun hat! Trying to stay cool in that warm pool I guess.