Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Build A Bear

Sara had promised the kids that today we'd go to Build-A-Bear so they could each get a new bear. They were more excited about that than about going on another day-long car ride. Kids are strange critters!

Charlie and Max each chose their favorite bear to be stuffed, and Sara chose a lamb for Ellie. They stood in line while a kindergarten class finished getting their bears stuffed, then had their turn. Elly had no idea what was going on so she just stood around and watched, until she realized that it was a hands-on kind of place.

Max standing in line with his newly stuffed bear.

After the bears were stuffed, and hearts put in them, we had to choose their clothes. Max chose a Batman costume for his panda, Charlie dressed her bear in a pretty summer outfit with glass slippers, and Elly's lamb was dressed in embroidered denim shorts and a flowered top.

Me and Max dressing Batman

Charlie with her finished bear

Max with Batman

Elly came home and cuddled up with her sweet lamb.

The kids loved their creations and played with them all evening. The whole event took us all morning. It was a hot day so we came home and spent the afternoon in the pool. Probably our last day in the pool as it's supposed to cool down too much to swim - even for us hardy Canucks! And then we head home on Friday. Oh well - it was nice while it lasted.

Charlie - the last one out of the pool

Elly's new dress

Tired kids watching Super Hero DVDs in the evening

Mickey relaxing with Elly

Up close and personal with the videos

And that's it for today.