Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing - Tate Curtis Woolf

On Friday, May 14, just before 8 am, we welcomed our 19th grandchild to the family. Tate Curtis Woolf arrived 4 weeks ahead of schedule, weighing a whopping 5 lb 10 oz. Such a tiny little guy, not without a few respiratory problems to make life interesting, if a bit unsettling, for a couple of days.

Amy had a chance for a quick cuddle before baby Tate was whisked off to the NICU for some specialized care.


Later that night Curtis was finally able to hold his son.

Amy was discharged on Saturday, coming home without Tate. The kids were glad to have their Mom home but disappointed that the baby didn't come too. He should be home in three or four days. He's doing really well in the NICU so far after a rough first night.

When Lloyd and I went with Amy to visit him today, we were finally allowed to hold him. He was hooked up to several monitors and a feeding tube so we had to be very careful, but it was so nice to hold the little guy and talk to him. He's so sweet. This is his third day so he's a bit jaundiced - quite yellow in fact - but that's normal. I have yet to see his blue eyes open.

Little yellow wired baby. That's his feeding tube in his mouth.

He's making good progress and we hope to have him home to love by the end of the week. He's our sweet little Tater-tot.