Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Quist's

Emily, Allan, Lloyd and I went to Jenny and Anders' home for Christmas dinner this year. What a great time we had! It's always such fun to be in their home with the five grandsons.Here's some shots of the fun we had. I realized as I downloaded my pictures that I didn't take any of Jenn and Anders nor of the feast she had prepared - turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, squash, brussels sprouts, green bean casserole, corn, potatoes, etc., topped off with death by chocolate for dessert.

Among her decorations, Jenny had four nativity scenes on display. The one pictured here is one I made (embroidered on muslin, stitched and stuffed) over 20 years ago. Somehow Jenn inherited it and has it on display in her home every year.

Anders lit a fire in the fireplace with the six stockings, now emptied of their bounty, still hanging on the mantle. Nathan, Emily and Allan watched the activities from the warm hearth.

The Quists gave Allan a lava lamp so we set it up to watch it in motion. It took awhile for the 'lava' to warm up and once it did, and became mobile, Nathan was fascinated with it and stood watching it for awhile.

Baby Jammers (who now walks) wanted to get into Papa's good graces so he got Micah's plastic golf club and ball and played with it...another golfer-to-be for Lloyd to teach.

Remember all that good food I mentioned above? Well, this is what happens after it is eaten - post turkey dinner hangover!

Micah decided to try out his new snow shovel. It was too cold for him to go outside and shovel so he stood in the open front door and shoveled the porch as far as he could reach - until the rest of us made him close the door to keep us from freezing.

Papa enjoyed a pre-dinner cuddle/wrestling match with Micah.

It was the year for Oilers Jerseys. Here Lloyd and Allan are showing theirs off. Other recipients of the popular Oilers jerseys this year were me, Max, Quincey and Curtis. Lloyd's has Gretzky's name and number on it from his glory days as an Oiler. The men plan on wearing their jerseys when they go to a game in Phoenix when the Oilers and Coyotes are playing. (Wayne Gretzky coaches the Coyotes).

Sam looks cool practicing his moves on his new snow board. Hopefully one of the moves doesn't involve any broken bones.

Nathan shows his style.

And Jonah tries his turn at it. Looks like their parents are going to have to invest in couple more snow boards before too long.

Micah became quite good at his basketball game, learning to beat Papa very quickly.

Lloyd loves the grandkids and wins them over from the time they're infants. Jammers is his little pal here.

A lovely time spent with a great family.