Tuesday, October 6, 2009

End of the Line

I guess it was inevitable...we've had our final swim (water temp. 74F - air temp 89F)...gone to our final restaurant...taken our final pictures of sunsets and cacti...and are packing up to go home. It's been a busy six days but we've had fun.

Just so you won't think I haven't accomplished anything, I'm going to show you some of the layouts I did at the convention and at home in AZ.

Are you ready?..... Keep in mind when looking at scrapbook layouts, that you don't just look at the picture - you study the techniques used, colors, composition, embellishments, texture, etc. and then you admire the lovely pictures :)

Max and Charlie on the waterslide

Elly picking flowers - I'm going to enlarge that picture so it fits the layout better - it's just temporarily placed there now. It's hard working without all my equipment.

Me with granddaughters Charlie, Kenzie and Sydney

At the Japanese gardens in Lethbridge, AB. This, and a couple following, are two-page spreads, each page is 12" x 12".

Elly picking flowers again. These photos suited several of the layouts we did at the convention so I used them on two.

Son Mike and his family at Japanese gardens in Lethbridge.

Grandson Aidan playing with the hose.

Elly eating a cinnamon bun. The owl consists of 12 separate little pieces, outlined and glued into place. The flowers are attached to the branch with brads and each leaf was individually cut out, outlned with ink and glued into place.

There are more layouts completed but without the pictures added. After I go home and have a chance to finish them, I'll post another blog with 'the rest of the story'. Thanks for looking.