Friday, July 24, 2009

Unexpected Guests

Last night we had a call from Mary in BC saying they were on their way to visit Greg's parents in Magrath - just down the road from us in Lethbridge. They didn't realize we were still down here too so we arranged for them to come and have lunch with us today. It had been months and months since I had seen them and little Baron is growing up without seeing his Grammie very much. Layla just turned 5 and she's always fun to visit with.

Lloyd barbequed burgers and I made a green salad and Judy salad (pasta) and cooked corn on the cob for an easy fun lunch. It was so nice to visit with them for a couple of hours. Baron is growing up fast. He'll be a year old on August 5 and is walking around furniture so it won't be long before he's running all over the place. They found out yesterday that Baron has scoliosis, a common condition associated with his Gordenhar syndrome.

Layla loved our Lethbridge house - there are so many cool hiding places because of all the built-in storage areas. She made us play hide and seek with her, and at the end none of us could find her. But she eventually popped out of the sun room where she had found a good hideaway and won the game.

Layla found an old wig of my mothers and put it on, pretending to be an old woman.

We'll be visiting the Bournes in BC at the end of August, so that's something to look forward to.

Tomorrow Lloyd and Mark start sanding the hardwood floors so we'll be in a state of dust and mess for a couple of days before we head home on Sunday night. It'll be nice to have it done though.