Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jenn's Boys

When we were on our way home from Lethbridge a week or so ago, we stopped at Lacombe to visit Jenn and her men.

When I posted a blurb about Jenny on her birthday in April I didn't have a current family picture to include. When we arrived at their home two of the boys were sitting on these steps so I decided then and there to get a picture of the whole family right there on the stairs.

Jonah (12), her oldest son, is our first grandchild; Sam (10) is our second; Nathan (7) is our third. Micah (4) comes in at number 1o and James (1.5) is our 15th.

At 5'1" Jenn is destined to be towered over by her sons, who seem to have inherited their father's tendency for height. That's what she gets for marrying a man a whole foot taller than she is. Jonah already is taller than his Mom.

A lovely family with cool kids.