Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Syd's Nativity

Four-year old Syd was playing with my small nativity set last night. (I brought her down today so I could take a picture of her playing with it)

I didn't pay much attention to how she set it up. When she left she said "I set it up in a different way than you did", and I just said ok and didn't check it.

Until this morning....

And I laughed...and laughed.....

Do you see it? There at the right of the manger?

What is it? Could it be....???

Yes! It's an outhouse! With a moose sitting in it reading a paper!
What a thoughtful little girl to provide the necessities of life for the holy family and its entourage.

I hope they were able to get the moose out!

Do they even have moose in Bethlehem??