Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today was Wendy and Randy's first day here. Lloyd had to leave for Edmonton this afternoon, coming back on Thursday, so he had booked an early tee-time for himself and Randy. Golf is a major event with them and Randy plans to check out some new courses while Lloyd is away. While they were out golfing, Wendy, Mickey and I went to Arrowhead Mall to shop. The first thing I did while there was get my hair cut - it had been bugging me ever since we got here.

When we got home just after 3:30, Lloyd and Randy were already in the pool, so we joined them for half an hour until Lloyd had to get ready to leave. While Randy was taking him to the airport, Wendy read while Mickey and I finally started working with the new scrapbook stuff we bought in Mesa the other day...a nice relaxing time.

It was challenging working without all of our tools and stash here but we managed to improvise and make do with what we had. I'll post our finished products tomorrow...maybe. We finished the day off sitting at the kitchen table playing games while Mickey worked on her album beside us.

It was a very exciting day here in Arizona. The underdog Cardinals (football team) won their semi-final game and are now going to the Super Bowl. Football is huge here and everyone was talking about the game. At the restaurant where we had lunch the piped in music was interrupted to give the patrons updates on the game. We've adopted the Arizona teams as our second-favorite, next to the Alberta ones of course. I love being down here.