Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Pictures

Wendy and I have been busy these past few days. Our days are falling into a nice routine. Every morning Lloyd and Randy go off golfing while Wendy and I go shopping and/or exploring. We eat lunch out, come home, swim, have dinner, read or watch movies, and go to bed.

Last night we watched Mamma Mia - the third time for some of us, but it's such a fun movie. Tonight we're going to watch of my all time favorites. Lloyd and I were astounded to learn last night that Wendy and Randy have never seen it! I couldn't believe it - it's such a classic. Wendy bought a copy today when we were out. They are in for a treat! Who doesn't love Grease??

Wendy is a serious chocoholic. The other day we went to See's and each bought a one-pound box of their famous chocolates - it's so neat to be able to pick and choose your favorite candy to fill the box with, and it really is delicious. Today we found a new chocolatier - Chocolate Surprise - right here in Surprise. What a wonderful shop! and the chocolate is exquisite. We bought a few pieces there to add to our stash.

Today we happened across an Arts and Crafts fair at the Peoria stadium. Lots of interesting stuff there. I bought earrings and necklaces and special 'scrapping' t-shirts. And watched a girl prepare fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade for us...delicious.

Speaking of drinks, the very best ones we've found are at Sonic - their fresh lime slush. It is so good, with three quarters of lime in the cup when you're finished. The best thirst quencher in Arizona.

We only have one more week of this idyllic lifestyle left. I hate the thought of returing to the cold, snow, and real life of Edmonton. But we'll make the most of our week, and do some real sight-seeing if we can tear the guys away from the golf courses long enough.

We were so upset to hear from Mickey after she got home. Her laptop, which was in her carry-on luggage, was stolen at security in the Phoenix Airport. She's doing everything she can to recover it, but she was told that it's an ongoing problem at the Phoenix Airport. It really spoiled the trip for her.

Other than that, it's been a wonderful vacation so far. I'd do it again in a minute!