Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family and Friends

The best way to start the New Year is with family and friends.

Lloyd and I had the opportunity to host a New Year's Eve party in our Lethbridge home this year. Not having any of our own children and grandchildren there was different for us, but we had other family members to share the evening with.

Like nieces Gail McCready and Tania Fisher. It's been fun for me to become reacquainted with Gail and her husband and children earlier this year. We were pleased she and Mike came to our party. We've seen Tania fairly often this year. It's been a difficult year for her since her son Mackenzie passed away last Dec. 30. She's become a stronger woman because of her struggles.

Lloyd's sister Joyce and her husband Duane - old faithfuls. Joyce used to host the New Year's Extravaganza when they had so much room in Raymond. And in the corner, a newcomer to the family group, Tania's fiance, Ron. It was fun getting to know him...and to see how happy he's made Tania.

Ron (terrible picture) and Tania enjoying a rousing game of Whooza (or something like that)...a great game for learning more about your fellow players.

Siblings Joyce and Lloyd. Lloyd's other sister Cheryl was there too but I didn't get a picture of her. Sorry Cheryl.

Oh, there's Cheryl's purple arm. Guess that's all I have of her. The couple is Mike and Gail McCready...not a good picture of Mike. They're the parents of 5 little girls, including a set of the cutest twins ever. So glad they could join us...they brought the game we all had so much fun playing. Gail is Cheryl's daughter.
Our evening was spent in true MacKenzie fashion - way more food than anyone needed, games and fun.
Tomorrow I'm off to Arizona until the 13th. I'll blog from there as much as I can.