Friday, February 27, 2009

Comfort Food

Isn't it interesting how some foods - mainly from our childhood - have that magical ability to make everything feel better. It could be something our mothers made on a regular basis that we associate with the warmth and safety of home, or maybe a sometimes treat that reminds us of good times.

Our family has some of those comfort foods. Beef stew is one, although maybe I feel that more than my kids do. Mac and cheese is another. My mother used to make baked beans and home made brown bread on Saturdays. Good stuff.

Early on in our child-raising adventure Lloyd and I started the tradition of Friday Popcorn Night. Someplace I have a picture of our two oldest (now 37 and 36 but then 3 and 2) standing on a chair together watching the popcorn pop, waiting for it to be ready. That tradition continued off and on for over 30 years. It's still a favorite treat.


Now the grandkids enjoy popcorn afternoon. Lately when Charlie goes to Kindergarten in the afternoon Max wants me to put his Spiderman movie on and make popcorn. He and Elly and I then sit on the couch with me in the middle holding the bowl of popcorn and watch the movie and eat popcorn. It's a nice time. One of the many benefits of being these kids' babysitter 4 days a week.

Aidan and Elly

There was no school for the kids yesterday because of teachers' conference. Sara and Amy wanted to spend the day with their older kids at Galaxy Land at West Edmonton Mall but the babies would have slowed them down. So I took care of Elly and Aidan while the Moms and the big kids went on their outing.

Elly is 15 months old and Aidan is 19 months. They're just beginning to interact with one another in their play. They were so cute.

First they watched Baby Einstein - up close and personal.

Then they took their baby for a walk - there was some 'active discussion' between them about who would actually push the stroller and what 'baby' would be pushed. Aidan wanted a little green alien stuffy in the stroller, but Elly insisted on her big blue baby.

When Elly decided she had enough and wanted to go home, Aidan was right there to help her on with her coat! She changed her mind though and Aidan was left holding the coat.

They were easy little people to take care of. The big kids had a great time at WEM riding on roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, and everything that they were tall enough to be allowed to get on.