Friday, February 27, 2009

Comfort Food

Isn't it interesting how some foods - mainly from our childhood - have that magical ability to make everything feel better. It could be something our mothers made on a regular basis that we associate with the warmth and safety of home, or maybe a sometimes treat that reminds us of good times.

Our family has some of those comfort foods. Beef stew is one, although maybe I feel that more than my kids do. Mac and cheese is another. My mother used to make baked beans and home made brown bread on Saturdays. Good stuff.

Early on in our child-raising adventure Lloyd and I started the tradition of Friday Popcorn Night. Someplace I have a picture of our two oldest (now 37 and 36 but then 3 and 2) standing on a chair together watching the popcorn pop, waiting for it to be ready. That tradition continued off and on for over 30 years. It's still a favorite treat.


Now the grandkids enjoy popcorn afternoon. Lately when Charlie goes to Kindergarten in the afternoon Max wants me to put his Spiderman movie on and make popcorn. He and Elly and I then sit on the couch with me in the middle holding the bowl of popcorn and watch the movie and eat popcorn. It's a nice time. One of the many benefits of being these kids' babysitter 4 days a week.


Shay said...

She does look like she is a "Party Pants" kind of girl lol! She is so cute stuffing that popcorn in her mouth...I imagine that's what I would look like if you turned on the lights in the movie theater lol.

I hope you enjoy your trip! Shawn is due March 24th so maybe, just maybe, he might hold out on us...we will see!

Kath said...

Comfort food from my childhood would be spaghetti. We only ever had spaghetti but on birthdays. (My dad was a meat'n potato guy)
I still like spaghetti and it is still a comfort food. Weird, huh?

Mickey said...

Very cute pic of Elly.

My Mom's mac & cheese was our very favorite and Dad's Sunday spaghetti was to die for.

Emily said...

what a nice grammie

Debbie Y. said...

I absolutely adore Elly, she is just my kinda gurl. Look how cute she is with the popcorn bowl nestled in her lap curled up on the couch watching a fave movie. Are you sure she's not kin to me? Pat, you seem to have captured the essence of the moment in this pic. Love it!

I have comfort foods, smells, etc. When I have a tummy ache there is nothing better than ginger ale and/or a banana popsicle. My grandaddy would always bring me some when I was little.

If I am sick with a cold, I always turn to slathering on the Vicks. Love the smell, it makes me feel better just smelling the aroma. I know that grosses some of you out, but it works for me.

My momma used to make us chili mash on cold wintery days. It was mashed potatoes with chili poured over the top, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese and those little oyster crackers. Yum!

I did love my mom's mac-n-cheese and her Thankgiving dressing.