Friday, February 27, 2009

Aidan and Elly

There was no school for the kids yesterday because of teachers' conference. Sara and Amy wanted to spend the day with their older kids at Galaxy Land at West Edmonton Mall but the babies would have slowed them down. So I took care of Elly and Aidan while the Moms and the big kids went on their outing.

Elly is 15 months old and Aidan is 19 months. They're just beginning to interact with one another in their play. They were so cute.

First they watched Baby Einstein - up close and personal.

Then they took their baby for a walk - there was some 'active discussion' between them about who would actually push the stroller and what 'baby' would be pushed. Aidan wanted a little green alien stuffy in the stroller, but Elly insisted on her big blue baby.

When Elly decided she had enough and wanted to go home, Aidan was right there to help her on with her coat! She changed her mind though and Aidan was left holding the coat.

They were easy little people to take care of. The big kids had a great time at WEM riding on roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, and everything that they were tall enough to be allowed to get on.


sara said...

After you went downstairs they both stood at your door knocking. Of course once I got my camera they stopped knocking and just stared at me, but it was cute anyway.

Pat MacK said...

Sweet babies...I didn't even hear them.

Mary said...

Aidan does not look impressed with Elli in the stroller picture, looks like she won the battle!

Shay said...

They are so precious! I'm sure that you had a wonderful time taking care of them. Oh, and your background looks great!

Debbie Y. said...

I like your new background.

"Elly insisted on her big blue baby," how cute. I love that picture, like she knew she was being controlling. Just like a woman.