Monday, September 15, 2008

Cooling Off

Today, at last, we had our first swim in the new pool. It was 39C today and the water was lovely and refreshing. We love the pool, although the shallow section is much smaller than the deep. We'll have to be extra vigilant when the kids are here - life jackets for all. It's such a treat to have the pool to play in when it's so hot out. I wish some of the kids and grandkids were here to enjoy it with us.

Lloyd always likes to make a big splash!

Look at that golfer's tan!

Lloyd enjoying the pool.

My first time in the pool.

Here We Are

We arrived here in Surprise, AZ tonight. It's 37.5 C. It took us 25 hours of driving, over 2.5 days. Today was the most beautiful part of the drive,through southern Utah and straight through the length of Arizona. One of the prettiest places we stopped was Kanab, UT, where western movies used to be filmed. It's surrounded with red cliffs and has a beautiful park in the centre of town where we stopped to take some pictures.