Friday, January 9, 2009

Hiking and Swimming

I am so tired and sore tonight I can hardly drag myself upstairs to go to bed. But here I sit with my laptop trying to record the fun we had today.

This morning, while Emily and Allan relaxed from their busy day traveling yesterday, Lloyd and I and Sara and the kids went hiking up White Tank Mountain, not far from where we live. It was a beautiful place in an unfamiliar Arizona way. It was a two mile return trek, not much really but I'm so out of shape that my knees and legs fought me after the first mile. Luckily we stopped often to take pictures.

Charlie is an average sized five-year old but just look at how much
taller than her that saguarro cactus is.

This is part of the cactus forest.

This one is not as tall as the one in the first picture.
That's Charlie and Max standing there with me.

We were a bit nervous stepping off the trail to stand by the cactus because of signs like this that were posted all along the trail. You can bet we checked carefully before putting our feet down!

There are several areas there with these old, old pictographs carved into the rock.

Near the end of the trail, Elly got tired of being in her stroller and wanted Papa to carry her.
So he did while she quickly fell asleep. What a good guy.

Here she is early on in the hike, while she was still perky and full of vim and vigor.

Lloyd with Max and Charlie at the top of our hike. There was supposed to be a waterfall up there but it was just a small trickle. It was a good hike up to see it though.

Max, the professional model, on the rock. He just climbed up there, posed himself and told his mother to take his picture. Posing for pictures is second nature to Sara's kids.

The three of them climbing on the rocks.

Max, posing again, this time in front of another pictograph rocks.

Elly always thinks she should be able to do what the big kids do!

When we got home after having a lunch on the way, we decided the pool was warm enough to swim in, so we all went in, including Elly in her baby floater. It was impossible to keep her out of the water once she saw the big kids go in.

Me, with Charlie and Elly. The kids are fearless in the water as long as they have their life jackets and floaties.

Allan, me Charlie, Max and Emily. Max loves that giant sea turtle and would paddle his little legs as hard as he could to steer it towards me.

Elly's first try at jumping into the water. It was pretty cold on her little bare bum but she enjoyed it and was mad when Sara took her out to put a diaper on her.

Charlie and Emily having fun in the shallow end.

Lloyd and Max playing with the sea turtle.

Charlie and me on the 'secret' bench. Charlie loves that spot.