Monday, September 14, 2009

Visit from the Little Quists

Today I spent some quality time with Jenny's two youngest boys, Jammers and Micah. Jenn had to go to the passport office and that is certainly no place for two active little guys who wouldn't take kindly to standing in long lines.

The little guys were a pleasure to have. Micah disappeared downstairs to play video games with Max until Max had to go to school. Jammers was happy just to explore all the toys that were around.

They watched television while eating a granola bar and blueberry muffin.

They played in the back yard and had great fun discovering all the foam alphabet letters that were laying around. They'd bring them to me and tell them what they were. Even not-quite-two-year old Jammers could tell me what some of the letters were.

Micah's favorite letter of course was 'M' but he was quick to show me that if you turn it upside down it became 'W'.

The slide always has an appeal for all the kids who come to visit.

We had a good time together. When Jenn got back from the not-so-long lineups at the passport office, the boys didn't want to leave. They'll be back.