Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cherry Balls

These few ingredients make Sara's favorite Christmas treat - Cherry Balls. Every year she asks me to make her a batch of them. So this is what I did today. This recipe is easy enough for the kids to help with, as you'll see.

The first step is to drain the cherries on a paper towel covered plate, and cut them in half (each batch makes about 24 cherry balls)

2. Combine the icing sugar, coconut and dash of salt in a mixing bowl.

3. Add one stick (1/2 cup) softened butter. Mix well. I start out using a fork to break up the butter but end up mixing it with my fingers.

4. Flatten about a tablespoon of the coconut mixture in the palm of your hand and center a cherry half on it.

2-year old Elly got into the act by placing the cherry on the coconut mixture.

5. Roll the mixture around the cherry forming a small ball.

6. Drop the ball into a bowl of crushed graham wafer crumbs.

7. My 7-year old granddaughter, Kenzie, was in charge of rolling each cherry ball in the crushed graham wafer crumbs and placeing the finished product on a plate.

8. Our production line.

9. The finished product. Refrigerate to let them set, then eat. Delicious.