Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Treats

I saw six of the grandchildren in their Hallowe'en finery today and took pictures to mark the occasion. Here in Edmonton we usually are knee deep in snow by Hallowe'en but this year we're a balmy 8C (45F) and dry. That makes for a much more pleasant and bearable trick or treating evening.

Charlie was Wonder Woman, although I'm sure she has no idea who Wonder Woman is/was. She wore that outfit to school today and was so proud of herself.

Max was an astronaut (I called him Buzz) - a very elaborate costume Sara bought on line. The helmet has a speaker and sounds - very cool. He wore his costume to pre-school yesterday and was the best dressed 3-year old there.

Aidan was a shark - note the eye and the dorsal fin - it still seems odd to see him walking. He went out for about 10 minutes tonight - trick or treating wasn't very important to him.

This is Elly the Elephant. She wasn't crazy about her costume - kind of hard crawling with that trunk in the front. She sure looks cute though.

A better view of the costume.

Max, with the helmet visor up.

Kenzie - always a princess - she loves to dress up and looked sweet. She wasn't too pleased when her mother made her wear her winter jacket under the dress (not pictured here) but decided it was better than wearing it over the dress. It's her first hallowe'en to go out without her parents - she went with her friend and her friend's mother.

Sydney looked sweet with her hair done in a flip. She's some kind of super hero - Invincible Woman I think. She was just eager to get out and get candy.

Front shot of Aidan and his shark costume.

I wish I could have seen the other 11 grandkids in costume - maybe their parents will send pictures. I'm sure they all had fun.