Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day in Canada - not the huge production that they have in the US, but thanksgiving nonetheless. So much turkey, potatoes, squash, peas, corn, and of course the cranberries, gravy, stuffing - topped off with pies. I'm so glad that Emily has taken over my pie duty. She makes lovely pies and tries different ones from the traditional apple, blueberry, strawberry/rhubarb, lemon meringue, coconut cream and pumpkin pies that I used to make.

Amy and Curtis hosted the dinner, which everyone contributed to. Curtis did a wonderful job with the turkey - it was moist and delicious, with plenty of stuffing. I made the gravy and brought mashed potatoes and squash. Sara brought sugar snap peas, corn and fresh rolls. Cindy brought a delicious fruit punch and a vegetable platter. And of course, there were Emily's yummy pies. We all ended up stuffed to the gills.

The Kids Table (clockwise from lower left - Max, Sydney, Brooklyn, Charlie, Kenzie, Anson)

We fed 10 adults (4 of our children and their spouses - the 3 out-of-town families had their own celebration) and 6 children and two babies.

After dinner Kenzie wanted the little girls to watch a movie in Grammie and Papa's apartment, so the four of them, ages 3 - 5, came downstairs and I put the movie Hoodwinked (a Red Riding Hood exposee - very funny) on for them. By the time I got around to taking pictures, Charlie had to leave, so I just got pictures of Kenzie, Sydney and Brooklyn. A blurry picture at that since I took the picture in the dark without a tripod.

Kenzie, Sydney and Brooklyn

And now Lloyd and I are waiting until we feel ready for our favorite Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition - turkey bunwiches before bed. Soooo good.