Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grab My Hand...

I haven't taken any pictures the past couple of days so tonight I did this layout so I could post it. It's done on Paintables cardstock - I had to color in all the flowers and fence. I added stickles glitter glue to the centres of the flowers, the petals of the blue and red flowers, the borders around the pictures, and the bee.

What I really like about this layout is the words flowing throughout: "Grab my hand and run with me, trek the mountains sail the sea, forget the map, we'll find our way forever together". I feel it fit the theme of the photos - Mum at 87 with some of her great-grandchildren. Probably the last time she'll ever see them and knowing that in the very near future she'll forget them altogether. She enjoyed being here with the family these past couple of weeks, although it was very confusing when we were all together for the wedding festivities when she didn't recognize grandchildren or great-grandchildren - knowing she should know these people but not remembering why or who.

Everytime I see her she seems worse than the last time. Alzheimers takes an awful toll on a person...the stage she's in now is so hard on her because she knows she's forgetting things and there's nothing she can do about it and she gets so upset with herself. She's back in Winnipeg now in her own home and familiar surroundings where she has a measure of self-confidence and comfort. We know now that travelling is too hard on her. She's lucky to have Wendy there to watch out for her and make sure she has everything she needs while she's still able to live on her own. Thanks Wendy.