Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nachos a la Cory

Lloyd has this friend who, whenever they're together with the 'guys' on a golf trip or business trip or whatever, makes a nacho platter that according to Lloyd is a work of art...a gastronomic delight of unheard of proportions...a must-have for every nacho lover in the world. Sometimes in his enthusiasm to share this culinary event with me, he'll call me from hundreds of miles away to tell me all about it - usually when I'm sitting home alone eating my soup and toast dinner.

Cory and his Nachos

This past weekend when we were in Lethbridge - just a few miles from Cory's home - we invited Cory and his lovely wife Cara over for dinner, on the condition that dinner consists of Cory's nacho platter. It was fun having them over and watching them work together to create two pans of this treat - one with jalepenos and olives, and the other without (because I don't like those two ingredients). Cory is very precise in the way the peppers, onions, chives and tomatoes are chopped. The cheese must be freshly grated Kraft marble, the chicken breasts barbequed and chopped. And as he works at creating this masterpiece, he cleans up. By the time the nachos are ready to eat, the kitchen is totally cleaned up.

One platter ready for the oven

And the finished lived up to all of Lloyd's reports. We ate and ate until we couldn't eat another bite, and still there was some left. I guess now I'll still be jealous when Lloyd tells me that Cory is cooking nachos for the guys, but at least I'll know what I'm missing and can try to duplicate it in my own fashion. Thanks Rasmussens for sharing this with me...finally.

Cory and Cara Rasmussen