Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sedona, Jerome and Camp Verde

Good news today. When Max woke up his fever was gone, he had an appetite, and he was feisty and ready for adventure.

I found my little Fuji camera under the back seat of the car, where it had fallen out of my purse. I still can't download the pictures, but that can wait till I get home to my PC.

I went to good old WalMart and bought a charger for my Rebel - one that included an in-car charger attachment - so my camera became photo ready again.

With that all done, we all (Mickey and Me, Sara, Quincey, Charlie, Max and Elly) decided to go to Montezuma's Castle, since it was an easy 1 hr. plus drive from here. We checked maps and guidebooks before leaving so we wouldn't repeat the disastrous search for Monetzuma's Castle of two days previous.

It was a great trip - it's always so peaceful and special feeling at the cliff dweller's abandoned home. Even the kids liked it.

Charlie and Max on the trail

Elly, in a rare moment of stillness, at the base of the cliff.

From Camp Verde, we drove to Jerome, which had been recommended to us last night by Penny and Cath. That was quite a drive. The drive up to it is described in the guidebook as "not for the faint of heart". Jerome is an old deserted copper mining town perched on top of a mountain. In the 60's some hippy artists moved into the deserted buildings and have built a thriving art and craft center up there. It's a very unusual town, twisting roads, switchbacks, and old decrepit buildings, but it has an amazing charm. Most of the buildings are said to be haunted and one in particular, the old Hotel, has had it's ghostly resident verified by Allison DuBois (TV's Medium). Max and Charlie hesitated on the doorway of the hotel (which now houses a funky dress shop) on the lookout for the ghost. Max finally decided that the ghosts only come out at night, and he gladly accepted the lollipot from the nice lady who worked there.

Max and Charlie on an ancient bench

Looking in the door of the ancient fire station - the fire truck was still in there.

The Central Hotel - home of the bona fide ghost!!!

The front of the old jail - the wall is partially gone.

From Jerome it was a short drive to the world famous town of Sedona - famous for it's red rock formations and beautiful scenery. The town lived up to it's hype! It's beautiful. We didn't have much time to spend there because we wanted to be on our way before dark, but what we saw, we liked. I'd like to go back again some time when I have a whole day to explore.

The Hardwicke-Brown's in front of one of the red rock hills

Me and Mickey

Red rocks and green trees

I'm so glad we decided to stay over till Friday. Today's excursion alone made it worthwhile. Lloyd is flying in to Phoenix on Thursday for meetings all next week. So we'll have one day and night together until we're both back in Edmonton again.

Talk to you again tomorrow.