Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Got Trees

We got trees...and not just any trees...lovely tropical trees...six Queen palms, one Pineapple palm, and one Mediterranean palm...all looking so lush and lovely at our Arizona home. We've ordered two more to be delivered next week to round out the yard.

These are the six Queens along our back fence...three short and three tall.

The gap in the middle where the shadow of our house forms a triangle is hiding our lime tree, which will be transplanted to the side of the house and another tall Queen palm planted in its place.

This is our Mediterranean palm, located inside the pool area by the deep end.

The beautiful Pineapple palm sits close to the corner of the front of our lawn. It looks a lot like the pineapple cactus (not it's real name) plants in front.

Charlie and the Pineapple palm.

We're really pleased with the new trees. They provide back yard privacy and a tropial look to our pool area. Can hardly wait for the two remaining trees next week. We're also considering getting a saguaro cactus for the back yard.

This is so different from landscaping in northern Alberta. Fun times.