Saturday, July 25, 2009


Lloyd and Mark are working on the hardwood floors today. What a job. They used a stripper on them first to make the removal of the old varnish easier and less dusty, but the smell was breathtaking. They finished the first sanding by 6 pm and will continue with a couple more rounds of it tonight and tomorrow. The natural maple wood looks really good with the old yellowed varnish off.

Mark surveying his work in progress

The bottom of the picture is the natural wood, the top is the wood with the old varnish still on it.

The hall is done and the living room is still covered in old varnish here.

And while the men worked, I set up a scrapbooking station in my laundry room downstairs and completed 4 pages.

We were pleased to have a visit early this afternoon from our great-niece Jade and her friend Mark.

And for those of you who are interested, this is what the blue spruce looks like after Lloyd finished pruning away the lower branches. We had no idea that there was a ring of treated wood around the base of the tree. It looks very nice now.