Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aidan Woolf - our 2-year old grandson - lives in the house above our basement suite with his mother (our daughter Amy), father, two sisters, and St. Bernard (Bernie) who outweighs him by 100 lbs. He seems to listen at the door for the sound of Lloyd and/or I arriving home and, if we're not quick or quiet enough, he follows us down to our space. He particularly loves coming down when Papa is here. Maybe it's his need to escape his mostly female existence upstairs, or maybe he's just a man's man. Whatever it is, lately we've realized that he needs more male companionship.

He came downstairs the other night wearing Kenzie's wedge-heel sandals, carrying over his arm three frilly fancy easter bags.

In his defense, his two older sisters are girly-girls - very feminine little drama queens. He's surrounded by their girly paraphernalia and loves exploring their stuff, causing chaos as he goes.

Also please notice the dirty legs, in true boy style, and the impish grin on his face. He's a real sweetie.

Things will even up at his house this summer when his baby brother is born. Then there'll be three girls, three boys and one male dog. He'll come into his own in no time and will be instrumental in teaching his little brother how best to bug the girls, climb on unclimbable surfaces, shove furniture around the house, drive his mother crazy and win the hearts of his grandparents.

Way to go Aidan!