Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jenny Hair

Our oldest daughter, Jenny, has a head of silky thick blond hair - the only blond among our seven kids.

It wasn't always that thick and silky. She was born bald and didn't have much hair till after she was two. It came in thin and fine. When she slept on her back, she had the worse case of bed head ever - matted and tangled. It took several years for it to get thick enough not to matt up so bad.

Her five blond boys all had 'Jenn Hair'. This is her youngest, Jammers, sporting his Jenn Hair which occurred as a result of sitting in his car seat for over an hour, probably sweating against the head rest. No point trying to comb it - nothing short of soaking it down will tame it.

No, it's not blowing in the wind - Jenn Hair really does stick out like that - doing it's own thing. He'll outgrow it in a couple of years - Jenn and his four older brothers all did. It's just part of growing up in her family. We love them anyway.