Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yesterday's Crop Results

Mickey, Emily and I spent almost 7 hours at Scrap-A-Lot yesterday at our own private crop. We were all very productive and it was good to get together again and work on our scrapbooks.

I'm still working on my family reunion pictures from June - I've done about 24 layouts already but still have lots more to do. I finished up the family group layouts though - the last three are posted here. I did them all with the same coordinating paper. The rest of the album will be done using a variety of papers.

Although they weren't married till August, I called this Emily and Allan Taylor.

This is Mike's family.

And the Bournes - Mary is pregnant in these pictures - Baron was born in August. He'll be included at the next reunion :)

I like this pensive picture of me with two of the little people and included at least one representative from each of our seven children's families n the small pictures.