Monday, March 2, 2009

Rob's Day

Our first day in Arizona was spent mostly in the pool - but more about that later. Today is the 37th anniversary of the day Lloyd and I became parents! But we call it Rob's 37th birthday.

Rob, 6 months old, with his namesake, his grandfather, Robert McCarthy

Our very first baby, Robert Logan MacKenzie was born on March 2, 1972, barely missing being a leap year baby - his due date was February 21 but he began the trend followed by all of our subsequent babies by being over a week overdue. He started big, at 8'8" and 21.5 inches long. I missed his delivery because he was in distress because of being posterior presentation (face down instead of face up) and I was put out for the forceps delivery. I guess it made him sleepy too because when he was finally brought tome and Lloyd after I woke up, he opened his eyes, looked at us, and yawned. We named him after my father, Robert, and Mum's maiden name, Logan.

Rob at 2 years

It's hard being the first child - just ask him. He was my experiment - having no previous child to practice on, everything I did with him was a test of will it work or won't it. I'm just glad he survived my fledgling attempts at motherhood.

Back-yard hockey - age 4

He used to torment the sisters and brother that followed, and one time when my mother asked him why he tormented his sisters so much, he thought for a minute and said "it's my job". He's been a good brother to the six younger siblings though.

Atari - remember them? age 9

19-years old

He's now a 37 year old happily married father of a son and a daughter. He has a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and has been working in his chosen field since before he graduated.

Metallurgical Engineer at work

Rob, Cindy, Brooklyn and Anson MacKenzie - 2007

He's always been a very loving boy who grew into a handsome loving husband and father. A man a mother can be proud of - and I am. Happy birthday Rob.