Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Oranges

Today, the Quist's last full day here, we decided to not do anything more adventurous than shop and visit Uncle Clyde in Sun City. Jenn and the boys were looking forward to seeing oranges growing on the trees. It'll be another month or so before they're ripe enough for picking but they were still fun to see.

This one was trying its best to turn orange for us. We appreciated the effort.

Clyde and Jenny had a good visit.

Sam reluctantly let himself be photographed with one of the orange trees. He tends to run when he sees someone try to aim a camera at him.

Jonah went right up into the tree to get to know it up close and personal.

Never having seen a green orange before, he was fascinated with the little unripe fruit.

But cutest of all was the robust little tangerine tree, full of semi-ripe fruit. We'll all have to come down again in a month or two to taste those ones!!!