Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back At It

Finally this weekend I've been able to get back to scrapbooking. Since attending the Scrapbook convention in AZ in October I haven't had a chance to get my stuff out and settle into some good sessions with paper, glue, embellishments, ribbon, buttons, bling....all those things that give me a creative lift.

A couple weeks ago I bought a scrapbooking program for my Mac laptop, just so I could do some sort of scrapbooking. It was fun and easy to use and in the space of three days while relaxing in Arizona, I had completed a digital scrapbook of 20 pages for Jenn, Jonah and Sam. Sometimes it can take me three days to complete one traditional scrapbook page! It was fun and exciting to use the drag and drop templates in the program, but I think I prefer traditional best. There's just something intrinsically satisfying about playing with all the different papers and embellishments that makes me happy.

Here are three 2-page layouts I started at the Oct. convention and finished this week. Each individual page is 12" x 12".

Autumn Leaves, starring grandchildren Layla and Baron Bourne

Our Tropical Paradise - our Arizona back yard

Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge, with Kenny and Alex MacKenzie, and Emily, Lloyd and Pat

These next layouts are some of the 8.5 x 11 digital ones I made for Jenny

These are some cards I made today.

This is the inside of the card. The front has a cut out window that allows the greeting to show through.

This is the front.

The picture of the 'queen' in this card is actually on the inside of the card, with a cut out window covered with a transparency on the front - made from a kit.

This is the inside.

So that's what I've been doing this weekend. Feels good to be back at it again.