Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day Barbeque

We went to Sara and Quincey's place for a Canada Day barbeque this evening. It was a really nice time, just us and the H-B's. Quincey manned the barbeque - when we got there the barbeque was smoking away and no cook was in sight. I located Sara while Lloyd went to rescue the charred food. Apparently, because of a miscommunication, Quincey left the food cooking while he went to the store and Sara didn't know that she was supposed to tend the food. When Q. got back home, he found himself in the doghouse. It all turned out good though because it was hamburgers that got charred beyond recogntion and had to be replaced by the best tasting steak I've ever had.

Meanwhile, the kids were being very busy playing in the yard.

Elly knows no fear and climbed up on a small bike that was too big for her and tried her best to pedal it around, although her feet didn't quite reach the pedals.

They hounded Papa to push them on the swings. He's such a good sport and pushed those kids around for quite awhile.

Elly loves the swing but needs to be watched carefully - she tends to start letting go and climbing off while the swing is still in motion.

Meanwhile, the kitten was busy chasing ants.

Charlie insisted that they were going to sleep out in the little play tent. I don't see that plan being put into action. It's fun to play though.

Max was pursuaded to get off the swing long enough to eat a hot dog and tortollini

Elly eats hotdogs her own way.

After several hours Lloyd and I left, in time to go baby-sit Aidan for Amy and Curtis while they took Kenzie and Syd over to watch the fireworks with the family we just left.

A good Canada Day.