Sunday, March 1, 2009

Off Again

Just a quick entry today. I'm off to Arizona this afternoon for 10 days. I'll be looking after Sara's three kids while she and Quincey attend a trade show in Las Vegas. We decided it'd be more fun to be at our place in Surprise than up here in the cold and the snow. The kids are so excited to be able to play in the pool again and enjoy the sun. Sara will spend the first few days with us and then drive up to Vegas, meet Q there, attend the trade show and then the two of them will drive back to Surprise for the last couple days of our holiday.

When I was talking about this to my friend Mickey on Friday we decided that she should come too. She enjoyed it so much in January. It'll be nice to have another adult there with the kids too. So, we're off in a couple of hours. Hopefully the internet is up and running at the house so 'll be able to keep posting here.