Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kenzie's Scrapping Day

Kenzie has been wanting me to help her make a scrapbook for a long time now. We finally decided that today would be the day. Bright and early at 9:00 she came down to get started. I had printed the pictures I took of her riding her bike for the first time so we were going to put them in a scrapbook.

As usual when I'm scrapping at home, I have my stash spread out all over the place. Kenzie found a cleared space and got to work.

By supper time she had completed four pages - we're both slow scrappers, but the results were worth it. She got such a kick out of choosing embellishments and papers to use. I made sure that she knew the first rule of scrapbooking: 'there are no rules in scrapbooking'.

We made room for about 20 minutes for 3-year old Sydney when she wanted to do a page too.

A closer view of Kenzie's first four layouts.

After taking a lunch break at McDonalds, we came home and made the world's best coconut banana bread - Kenzie mashed the bananas.

Then we had another afternoon break when Jenn and 4 of her boys, and Sara and her three kids came over (Jenn was visiting from out-of-town). There were 10 of my grandkids here this afternoon - a fun bunch of little people.

When Charlie saw what Kenzie was doing, she sat down and created a page as well. She's trying hard not to smile in this picture.

By bedtime Kenzie had completed 5 layouts and we put them in an album for her. I think she had more fun learning to use my new Slice die-cut machine to make labels and words.

And here's her last page. She was able to program the letters in the Slice and cut her title for this page herself.
Kenzie made sure I was going to leave my stuff out because she wants to come down again tomorrow and/or Monday to finish her album. She's very proud of herself tonight. I am too.