Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend in Lethbridge

We got home from Lethbridge at midnight last night. It seemed like a long drive though it's only about 5 hours south of us here in Edmonton. We picked Rob up from work on Friday afternoon and headed out. It was time, finally, to finish painting our house down there.

Of course any trip down there involves golf for the men. On Saturday Rob and Lloyd met up with our nephew, Mark and his friend Corey to play a 'quick' game before getting down to the job of painting. While they were out on the golf course, SIL Cheryl and I drove out to Picture Butte to visit Mike, Avril and the boys in their new home.

I always worry that these little grandsons will forget me between visits since we only see them three or four times a year, but Kenny has a good memory and I could see him in the window as we pulled up saying "Grammie, Grammie."

We had a fun time with them. Kenny showed us around his new house that had a fresh coat of paint throughout. "We colored it" according to Kenny. He was allowed to choose the color for his own room - purple - which his Mom toned town from the super bright one he wanted to a nice pastel purple with a deep plum feature wall. Very nice. Avril has a good sense of color and her house reflects it.

Kenny showed me his favorite tickle book - a very interactive book that he and Alex really enjoy. Then, of course, I had to go upstairs to play with Kenny's Thomas trains. A fun visit.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the golf game over, the men got down to business.

Mark rebuilt the portion of the living room floor where the fireplace used to be, and added some ceramic tile.

Rob was our painting expert. He helped finance his university education by painting houses, and he does know his stuff. Here he is using a brush extender (who even knew such a thing existed??). He has a very steady hand and was able to do the 'cutting in' without needing to tape it. We couldn't have had a better painting partner.

Lloyd worked hard in the kitchen and dining room, which ended up a lovely light butter yellow.

My job in this whole enterprize was 'gofer'. The man at Home Depot and I became good friends! I spent a lot of time - and money - there. At least it kept me out of the actual painting action! Rob gave me the job of cleaning up spilled paint drops with Goof Off, so I guess you could say my job was 'goofing off' which I'm pretty good at.

Mike also came over and helped paint but I didn't think to get my camera out until after he had left. Sorry Mike. It was nice having my boys together working on a project.