Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

Here's the kind of fog I'm living in...I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day until this evening. Too bad really because I could have really messed with Charie and Max's minds today if I had remembered. But that probably would have backfired on me anyway because Charlie would have ended up asking me a hundred different questions about why I was tricking them, why do they call it fools? why is it only good on April 1, etc. etc. That girls thinks too much and every thought she thinks results in at least a dozen questions. She's very serious and inquisitive for a 5-year old.

I did kind of get fooled today though. Sara and Charlie had a lunch date with Brooklyn and Cindy (Brooklyn and Charlie are five days apart in age - close first cousins). Not to leave Max out, I told Sara I'd take him and Elly to Panda Hut for lunch. They like it there because there's a playspace there (It used to be a Burger King and the Panda Hut people left the playground there). There were six other kids playing there when we arrived. Max was hesitant at first but finally went and joined them. Turned out one of the little boys name was Max as well. And not just any Max, but Maximus like our little guy.

After they left Elly decided to go in and play with Max. So in she toddled, clutching her sippy cup like a lifeline. It wasn't long before I heard her screaming. I went to the entry of the play area and asked Max if he could help her come out. Well, he did try, but his version of helping was to grab one of her feet and pull. That just resulted in more screaming. So I had to do it - swallowing my pride for the sake of my poor little grandbaby, I got down on my creaking knees and crawled into the structure that is made for skinny little 3-foot tall mini-people. I got to Elly, grabbed both feet and pulled her through the tube to where I could grab her. She hung on to me (and her sippy cup) for dear life. Have you ever tried crawling on arthritic knees in a kids tube holding a crying 16 month old baby? Don't. Ever. Try it. When I got out, finally, I looked around and there were people at three tables watching me. Needless to say, my dignity remained behind me at the mouth of that trap they call playland. We left as soon as I could get their coats and boots back on. Nice way to fool old Grammy, Elly.

And I didn't even take any pictures.