Monday, May 4, 2009

Trampoline Fun

Today was cool and windy in Edmonton but the kids were eager to try out their cousins new trampoline. The following pictures are slightly on the blurry side. I was having trouble finding the right setting on my new camera. Anyway, the pictures show the fun the kids had in the back yard.

Charlie tried to do a sit down bounce.

I love the way the girls' hair floats in the air.

I don't know what Max was trying to do here - maybe a frog leap? - but it looks like fun.

Syd is quickly learning to bounce like the older ones.

She can land on her knees and bounce right up again.

Max just likes to jump as high as he can.

Charlie landing her sitting bounce.

Syd acing her landing.

Max doing his Spiderman moves.

Aidan and Elly decided they needed their turns too so Amy helped them.

Elly liked it for a few jumps but Aidan wasn't as thrilled.

He liked sitting on the trampoline while Charlie jumped and made him bounce.

Have you ever realized how difficult it is to get a picture of three kids in the air at the same time??? I never did master it.

Amy organized a game of 'break the egg'. Max was the first egg to break. Looked like a fun game.

This cute little guy has nothing to do with the trampoline. He was sitting in the wheel well of Curtis' car when I pulled up beside it in the driveway. He's really beautiful - does anyone know what kind of bird he is? I'm thinking sparrow but I think he's too colorful for that.