Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pretty To Look At....but...

We've had a couple days of snowfall here in Lethbridge - and it's still coming down. I went out yesterday and took some pictures of the snow on the trees in our front yard.

I love the red berries against the superwhite snow. Looks very festive.

A little bit of editing turns the trees into works of art.

Although nature does a wonderful job of artistry on her own.

While we admire the beauty of the snow, there's a definite downside to it. We're supposed to drive home tomorrow - 5 hours in good weather. We may have to wait over another day.

Amy and Curtis and kids started out from Edmonton today to come down for New Years, but they had to turn back because the highway was so bad.

Mary and Greg and kids left Lethbridge yesterday to head back to Oliver, BC. Their 10-hour trip through the mountain passes was made treacherous by falling snow. They made it home safely though and called this morning to tell us that the highway they drove on yesterday was closed today for avalanche control! So glad they got home safely when they did.

We take the good with the bad in this country, enjoying the beauty and trying to avoid the dangers.

Happy New Year!